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DigiStrat actively uses WordPress as the platform of choice for your business. In this DigiBlog we give 3 reasons why WordPress is a good choice for business (big and small).

To expand on that discussion, below are 3 more reasons why WordPress Themes are a top idea:

  1. Quicker time to market
    Why lose time with having to make 101 choices on the intricate details of your new website if the choices are more or less made for you? Themes provide a framework for your business so you can simply drop your logo, images and text in place. This reduced decision making processes gets your product or service to market quicker!
  2. Updates and quick theme changes
    The theme vendors release updates frequently to fix any known issues or provide new/enhanced theme features. Depending on the licensing model you go with there’s a good chance you will have more than one theme to choose from. So down the track if you think your site needs a refresh, you can do that quickly and cheaply.
  3. More time to focus on content
    Your potential customers care more about what you are offering rather than how you dress up your website. By spending less time on making aesthetic decisions, you get to spend more time on the content, what your customer wants to see. See point 1 on why this is a great idea.

DigiStrat will assist you in your choice. Here are a few theme vendors, but we are vendor agnostic so we will implement whatever theme you wish.


Genesis Studio Press Themes

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes


WPEKA Themes


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