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This blog article expands on a previous blog on the importance of a business websites.  These days you not only need a website to engage your customers but one that is ‘responsive’ to the device it is viewed from. You want to give your customers the best experience whether they are at work on a desktop or laptop, on the train via their mobile phone, or sitting in front of the television on their tablet.

If you need any evidence that your customers expect your business website to be responsive then you need only read Australian Communications and Media Authority’s  (ACMA) Annual Communications Report tabled last year. Of course you might need a few hours to flick through, so let me save you time and cut to the juicy part in Chapter 5:

Internet access is available to Australians via a range of networks, devices and locations. Most Australians now have access to the internet and go online from a range of locations—home, work, at other locations and including while in transit.

There has been steady growth in the proportion of adult Australians with access to the internet in the home and a large increase in the use of the internet via mobile phone handsets (Figure 5.1). For example, Australians with:

  • home internet access increased by 24 per cent since June 2008 and two per cent since June 2012 to reach 14.24 million people at June 2013
  • access to a home broadband internet service increased by 46 per cent since June 2008 and seven per cent since June 2012 to reach 13.15 million people at June 2013.

The number of people using the internet via a mobile phone handset increased by 510 per cent since June 2008 and 33 per cent since 2012 to reach 7.50 million active users at June 2013.[i] This reflects the greater take-up of internet-enabled mobile handsets and the expansion of mobile networks in Australia.

The chart below from the same ACMA report shows what activities are performed on mobile devices. As you can see the purchasing activity isn’t quite there yet, but there sure is a lot of browsing going on. I know from my own experience that I am more likely to look at a web site that I can easily navigate through on my phone.

ACMA Mobile Usage

ACMA Mobile Usage


If you’re not there yet, then perhaps its time to start seriously considering responsive web design. If not for all functionality then at least let your customers find you and find out about you, then entice them to your fully blown website – perhaps when they are at home in front of the telly ready to make a purchase.

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