Google ranking – why being in the top 4 is good for business

Google is unquestionably today’s tool of choice that people reach for when they are looking for a product or service these days.

As the figure below shows, ranking 1st is obviously the best position to be in. After fourth position the traffic share dies off significantly.

Graph showing traffic share that the top 15 postions on page 1 receive

Traffic share for ranked positions on page 1


Additionally if you take a look traffic share by page, you will note that the below figure shows that there is little to no benefit in showing up on page 2 and on.

This Pie graph shows that page 1 gets 91.5% of all web traffic

Traffic share by page


Google ranking in the top 4 on the first page of the search results is a good obviously good for business – if you aren’t then your lost customers are already picking up the phone to call your competitors.

So by now you are asking ‘So what can I do to improve my business website ranking?’

The answer lies in a technique referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a bag full of tools and techniques designed to improve your sites changes of ranking higher up the list, or the ‘organic search results’ as they are sometimes referred to as. That is, organic search results are sites that are returned by Google (or other web search engines) that are not paid adverts.

If you’re a DIY sort and you’re keen then by all means, read this SEO Starter Guide written by the Google monster themselves.

If you’re eyes glaze over reading this stuff, then stay tuned for tips and tricks as I break it down for you!



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