3 Reasons WordPress is a good choice for Business

WordPress is a free and open source blogging and content management system used worldwide by businesses to host their websites. The choice to use WordPress is a sensible one 3 fronts.

1. Non technical people can do technical stuff easily

The beauty of WordPress is non technical people can perform tasks once the domain of web developers relatively easily. Tasks such as:

  • Add new menu item to your sites navigation
  • Add/modify content
  • Change your sites theme

Of course I wouldn’t be recommending a novice user jump in and change a theme. That takes a bit of experience, with a higher degree of technical know how than adding a new menu item, but you need not have a computer science major.

2. World wide community of developers

Due to its open source nature WordPress has attracted a world wide following of tech heads keen to build pluggable services (called a plugin) for the popular platform. Think of almost anything you need to do on a web site and there will undoubtedly be a plugin. Most plugins employ a freemium model (i.e. you can have the free version with minimum features, or pay a bit for the really good features). The plugins are relatively easy to install and configure by non technical people. But once again, I wouldn’t recommend a novice jump in and potentially mess up your business’ web site without a bit of practice first.

The other great thing about WordPress is that there are many themes in the market place (both free and paid). Think of a theme as a dress outfit. You can change it to suite the occasion! So if you need to refresh your businesses look the process is relatively straight forward and you don’t end up losing any content. The insides stay the same, only the dress changes.

3. Not just for small business

If you think WordPress is some mickey mouse CMS used by small businesses trying to save a buck, think again. Figure 1 below (sourced from W3Techs.com)  shows WordPress’ market position in the CMS arena, and its clearly ahead of the competition.



Figure 1 – CMS adoption

And if that’s not enough to convince you, you can follow the links below and have a look at some big names that employ WordPress as their tool of choice.


40 most notable big name brands using wordpress/


DigiStrat can help your small business implement WordPress for your business web site. Our flagship product is our Engage Product for time poor business owners who want end to end online presence management. However if you wish to do the maintenance work yourself by all means get in touch and lets have a discussion.

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