Social Media for your business

The recent inclusion of a new social media section in the website is a telling sign that social media is becoming more than a ‘nice to have’ feature.¬† The Australian Bureau of Statistics also released stats on business usage of social media last August, the results summarised in figure 1 below.


 Figure 1: 8129.0 РBusiness Use of Information Technology, 2011-12

The info provided is a great start but the plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a channel can leave you a little overwhelmed. Some statistics might help you make the choice a little easier. The stats shown below show the top 7 social networking sites, but don’t let these stats sway you.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share


The Yellow Social Media Report ‘What Australian People and Businesses are doing with social media’ gives a good break down on gender use of social media. You may want to consider Pinterest if your business targets women, or twitter for a younger demographic.


Before taking your business social have a look at each platform and see which one, or combinations of, will suit your business.





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