Digital Engagement – Why its important

Digital engagement is the extent to which your business engages customers using digital some form of digital medium.

The paper ‘Connected Small Businesses‘ commissioned for Google Australia by Deloitte highlights that :

“High digitally engaged small businesses:
• Are two times more likely to be growing revenue and earn two times more revenue per employee than those with low engagement.
• Are job creators, being four times more likely to be hiring than those with low engagement.
• Are three times more likely to have growth as a business objective, use the internet as a critical facilitator to achieve growth and are three times more likely to be increasing investment in digital over the next year.
• Are doing more than just creating a website, as three-out-of-five small businesses have a website, but less than one-in-five have high digital engagement.”

Furthermore the paper highlights that “the relationship between high digital engagement and growth is not limited to certain industries or business sizes, indicating that digital engagement is linked to growth across the spectrum of business size and industry.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics publication Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business, 2011-12 shows that of small businesses:

  • 34% of those with up to 4 employees have a web presence
  • 57% of those with 5-19 employees have a web presence

Given that 3 out of 4 internet users shop online this represents a huge opportunity loss for those businesses who have no web presence. Since Social Networking is a popular pass time it makes sense for business to extend their presence to social networking mediums i.e. Facebook,Twitter etc.

At DigiStrat we can help you out on your journey to establishing a web presence and engaging with your customers.




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